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By helping you understand that things aren't stuck the way they are

No more
"it is what it is."


Our learning journeys are suited for those who are interested in finding ways to begin a health and lifestyle transformation but are not yet comitted to any particular plan.

If you’re gathering information about where to start, this is for you. You’ll learn the importance of consistent habits with the resources to plan your new routines that will bring the improvements you’re seeking.

Beginner / Curious
Self Guided

HKD 500

Per Month
  • Course access
  • 3 months free dashboard access
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HKD 3600

Per Month
  • Course assess
  • 1 x Remote BBC Scan – Bicom Body Check
  • 1 x 60-min Bioresonance session
  • 1 x 45-min Visioning Session
  • 3 months single user Health Dashboard access
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When you sign up as a client, you’re getting an energetic body scan to help understand which body systems need the most support. Together with a consultation on your lifestyle, our team will help you prioritise where to make changes and deliver therapy sessions to support that.

You’ll also gain access to our Hong Kong Based Practitioner Collective teaching tools & techniques to build your own health freedom.


HKD 13,500

Per Month
  • Course access
  • 2 x Remote BBC Scan – Bicom Body Check
  • 8 x 60-min Bioresonance session
  • 1 x 45-min Visioning Session
  • 6 months single user Health Dashboard access
Health Sprint!



Per Month
  • We offer packages for families. Pricing on people & session frequency. Email us to enquire today, or send a WhatsApp.
  • Course access for all members
  • Free annual dashboard access for all family members


Grants access to our Health Dashboard where you can keep your health information, on HIPAA compliement servers, under your own control. Think Blood Lab reports, therapy notes, nutrition tracking and lifestyle notes. By tracking and measuring your health, you can manage it.

Take daily steps to better health with a Major Wellness Membership

  • Health Dashboard access
  • Monthly Live Practitioner Q&A
  • Only HKD50/month (minimum 3 months)
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