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Caroline’s story

Before transitioning to the Wellness Industry, I spent 10 years working in tech (hello MSN, Yahoo! & Opodo) and then another 10 being entrepreneurial: A stint as a Travelwriter reviewing hotels globally, building a Pie Company in Shanghai, running a villa complex in Bali, and retail website offering wellness products.

Living well has been my life long passion and d I am thrilled to be able to work on building learning resources and support canter to help as many people as possible achieve freedom through optimal health.

Now equipped with extensive experience in bioresonance therapy and a certificate in health coaching I am thrilled to help you on your journey to health, strength, and vitality.


It’s human to want to do better, but right now we have so many distractions preventing us from being our best selves and making positive contributions to the our communities and our planet. By helping families regain their health and vitality we can rebuild community spirit and strength to solve the problems humans living on planet earth in the 21st century face.

I am driven to help people navigate the abundant information out there to help you find a path improved strength, growth and vitality.


What you must be wondering

How Does Bioresonance Work?

Bioresonance prompts your bodies’ own natural healing & homeostatic processes. The body is networked by energy meridians or gateway points which is a helpful visual metaphor for how they function. When these points/gates, are activated/opened, they send a small electrical signal via connective tissue and fascia deep into the body, eliciting your bodies innate regulatory responses.

What will my appointment for Bioresonance look like?

During your initial visit, I’ll take a full health history, and ask questions related to both your chief concern(s) and your overall health/health history. This will give me a holistic view of how your body is currently functioning, what external lifestyle and environmental factors may be contributing to your concerns, and which internal systems may be influencing one another.

We’ll be sure to address any questions you have along the way. In addition to our discussions and review of the scan I will run, using a set of headphones, I will also test through a variety of substances to see what is causing stress to your body. After the session, you’ll receive a customised treatment plan for your unique constitution via our online health dashboard, with the ability to ask direct questions privately through our chat feature.

How should I best prepare for my Bioresonance Session?

  • Wear/bring loose fitting clothing so that your arms, legs, abdomen and back are easily accessible
  • Avoid caffeine, peppermint tea or other stimulants the day of your appointment
  • Plan for your first visit to take the full 2 hours; it may be possible to finish sooner, but often the full time is needed. Follow up appointments typically take around 50 minutes
  • Post-visit, keep the balance of the day’s activities light and allow yourself to relax and rest that evening, which will support the treatment taking effect.
  • It is advised to avoid alcohol for 24 hours after treatment

How Many Treatments will I need?

This answer is different for each of us, and it’s something we’ll discuss during your initial visit and as treatments progress. Some acute conditions can be resolved within a few treatments, while those that are more complex and/or chronic take time and consistency. While it’s not uncommon to experience moderate relief of symptoms within the first few treatments, Bioresonance generally works in a cumulative and compounding nature. On average, most conditions require a minimum of 6-8 consecutive treatments to see and feel the greatest impact, and have it be lasting. Typically I like to see patients weekly to start off, and once we see things moving in the right direction with reliable consistency, we start to schedule treatments further apart. Ultimately, our goal is to get you to a place where treatments are utilized as a form of maintenance and prevention, on a seasonal and as-needed basis.

What happens during my follow up visits?

Each 50-minute follow up visit will consist of a check-in and review of progress, followed by a Bioresonance Treatment. After each session, I’ll ask you to mentally “note” any shifts or changes you may experience in the following days (i.e. better sleep, decreased severity in symptoms, changes in digestion, shift in mood, etc) and I’ll use that information to refine and evolve your treatment(s). Your healing process will be dynamic and non-linear, and your treatments will shift accordingly.

I may ask you to track some of the observations using your Health Dashboard, and set related tasks for you


We will reply within 48 hours with suggestions..

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