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Learning and support tailored for Your journey to Health, Strength and Vitality.

Bringing Back Joy

I've watched just about everyone I've ever met feel like they aren't the best version of themselves at some point in their life. And I can tell you this: that doesn't have to be a permanent feeling you live with. You can change how you feel, and live life to the fullest.

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Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic Health: Learn how to manage it on a daily basis
Family Health
Family Health. Babies with colic, sleep problems & allergies. Fatigue for mums that won’t shift.
Menstrual Problems
Menstrual problems, fertility issues, acne & thyroid.

Our courses bring curated and practical advice to help you understand the signals your body sends.

Knowing how to interpret those signals and what to do when they are alerting you to disfunction puts you in the drivers seat of your health. Our short courses give you the insight you need, with quick quizzes to make sure you take the information on and are able to act on it.

By taking a course, you’re not just reading an article, but learning how to fuel your own journey. At the end, you’ll be able to plan for new habits that will be the foundation on which to grow your health and wellbeing.

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Managing health is a daily practice that many of us no longer have enough time for. On one hand, it’s simple . Sleep, wake early and see the sun, eat clean food and drink wonderful water. Breathe. Move. Be still. Love and Laugh.

But busy lives get in the way and we work and travel way too much to fit all of those things into every day.

Our comprehensive support can get you started; envisioning changes you want to see, and be an accountability partner supporting motivation, persistence, performance, and creativity.

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Start work on your future self

Fill in short questionnaire and let us know what are your problems and goals.
We will reply in 48 hours with suggestions.

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Resistance to

Insulin is a key marker of metabolic health. Due to the prevalence of sugar in most diets, many people are resistant. Understanding how to eat for balanced blood sugar, teaches you to build resilience for healthy metabolic health.

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My daughter was given a thorough assessment followed by detailed explanation of her condition. Caroline was extremely caring, thoughtful in the entire process (June 2015 – Mar 2016). She is very knowledgeable and very willing to share their experiences and going the extra mile in their treatment. Very thankful for Caroline.

JanHong Kong

I was suffering from allergies to cats, lactose, and wheat. I had a series of 10 treatments. Since then, I have slept in a home with cats and experienced only the smallest itchiness in sinuses. This is a 95% improvement! My lactose problem is gone too! I can eat all the cheese I want with no reaction and the same goes with wheat – I now eat bread nearly everyday. I would like to thank you very much for this!

PhilHong Kong

BioResonance made a profound impact when I was suffering from an acute phase of eczema caused by uncontrollable allergies to numerous substances including dust, eggs, shellfish and nuts. The course of treatments astoundingly minimised the need for traditional medicine from my dermatologist for a prolonged period of time.
Many thanks to Caroline for introducing me to this powerful treatment technology and making such an impact.

FeliciaHong Kong

I recommended Caroline to other members of my family and highly recommend her to other people struggling with recurring health issues who are seeking structural solutions rather than temporary relief from annoying symptoms.


My 3 year old son suffered with frequent colds, chest infection and wheezy chest. The Bicom treatment has really helped improve his ability to overcome cold symptoms before it develops into a serious infection. Very pleased with the results.

VanessaHong Kong

It took me a couple of sessions to be convinced, but I’ve had the full proof over the sessions that it was of high benefit to my baby. All the issues were solved! I also learned many things along the way!

LCHong Kong

The treatment brought me a new balance for Body/Mind/nutrition, able to take a step back on all issues and particularly at work and sport.

ThierryHong Kong

THANK YOU very much for your info, for sure i will explore more about bioresonance, it is fascinating!
I am very grateful i came across bioresonance during weakest period of my life, after 3.5 months' of chemo suffering from neuropathy. 5-6 bioresonance sessions really made a huge difference for me: my level of stamina significantly improved, and my symptom of neuropathy was noticeably better. I really felt like a new person at the end of these treatment, wished i had more sessions before i moved away from Hong Kong!!

HailanHong Kong

I went to Caroline for Bioresonance treatment on my hand and wrist after I fell heavily on it.
Before seeing Caroline, I was in considerable pain and my wrist was very swollen.
After one treatment, the pain had reduced by over half and I was able to carry on with my work day. My sleep was also much easier that night. The following day the swelling had almost gone and I continued to use the infused cream that Caroline gave me which decreased the swelling completely. I am so happy with Caroline’s treatment.

AlexHong Kong

I had been bitten by something when on holiday in Greece and it was taking ages to go away. Caroline within minutes diagnosed it as a dog tick and treated it, and the next day it had halved then it had gone away.

SusanHong Kong
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